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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Precious Update 9

My girl is home! She is purring and talking to me. I have a cage set up for her but she really doesn't want to be in it. Dr. Kathy says she needs to get a little exercise but she seems happy just to be on the bed, her favorite spot. She is Happy, I am Happy! Miracle keeps wanting to jump on her so she had to go into time out.

CalicoMom Toni

Posted by One Of The Girls at 10:15 AM


  • Blogger Katnip Lounge posted at 10:27 AM  
    What a huge relief! We'll rev up the purrers for a speedy recovery!
  • Blogger The Tower Hill Mob posted at 10:31 AM  
    Hurray! She'll heal quickly, now that she's home with her Mum and Dad and other kitties!
    Toby, Cupcake and Mum
  • Blogger Shaggy, Scooby and Scout posted at 11:14 AM  
    Hooray we are so happy to hear she is home and purring!!!
    Silly little Miracle is just so happy to see her too!
  • Anonymous Marg posted at 11:49 AM  
    That is such good news. We sure are glad. We are sending many more purrs so she will recover really soon. Thanks so much for the updates.
  • Blogger Ikaika posted at 12:04 PM  
    That is wonderful news! We are so happy for Precious and you and continue to send healing purrs.
  • Blogger Willow posted at 1:24 PM  
    Happy purrs that Precious is on the mend and recovering. Continue getting well.
  • Blogger The Lee County Clowder posted at 1:26 PM  
    Such good, good noos. Hang in there, Precious, and thwop Miracle next time she jumps on you, OK?

  • Blogger Eric and Flynn posted at 2:12 PM  
    That is wonderful news. We are sending more purrs for a speedy recovery.
  • Anonymous "The Boys" and Karen posted at 3:20 PM  
    Boy and I glad to read your latest message!

    And then I went back to "catch up" on what was happening...the last I heard, we were praying for poop! (Needless to say, I haven't been here for a while.)

    I'm sorry to learn Precious had to have surgery, however it seems that really was the only way to find out what was causing all her problems.
  • Blogger Athena posted at 4:03 PM  
    Hooray, this is great news! We will continue to purr for a full recovery.
  • Blogger Derby, Ducky posted at 4:10 PM  
    Yippee, now Smiley Boy has something to smile about. Mum kept me away from Ducky when he didn't feel well earlier this year. Just for a few days, but it helped.

  • Blogger Furkidsmom posted at 5:29 PM  
    YIPPPEEE! We're so glad your girl is home and on the road to recovery!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie
  • Blogger Gracie =^o.o^= posted at 7:26 PM  
    So glad that Precious is home. She will rest better than elsewhere and your love will make her better sooner. This is good news!!!
  • Blogger Cheysuli and gemini posted at 7:27 PM  
    YEAH Precious! We are purring for a speedy recovery!!!
  • Blogger Karen Jo posted at 12:54 AM  
    Yay for Precious. I am sure that she will heal up quickly now that she is home. Tell Miracle that she will be able to play with Precious soon enough.
  • Blogger Daisy posted at 4:53 AM  
    Hooray for great news! I'm sure Precious is so happy to be back home.
  • Blogger The Meezers or Billy posted at 6:42 AM  
    YAY!! We are so happy she is home!!!
  • Blogger Zippy, Sadie and Speedy posted at 10:14 AM  
    Yay! Now, don't eat any more carpet fiber.
  • Blogger The Crew posted at 1:31 PM  
    We're so glad to hear the good news!
  • Blogger A few Good Cats posted at 3:26 PM  
    We are also happy to hear the good news!
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