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Monday, December 10, 2007

A Good Start

Momma looks at me really close and says, "I love you to pieces." I say, "Merow" in my highest squeeky voice. Momma says, "oh, you little love, you little sweetie, you make me so happy." I purr loudly and say, "Merow," again. That is how we start our day, me and my Momma.

~Mittens Pollypaws~

Posted by One Of The Girls at 7:11 AM


  • Blogger The Tower Hill Mob posted at 7:03 AM  
    How lovely! I hope soon Miss Lydia and I will greet each other like that!
  • Blogger Scooby, Shaggy & Scout posted at 7:39 AM  
    A wonderful way to start the day!
  • Blogger The Meezers posted at 7:45 AM  
    awww that's so sweet! better than biting mommy's ears or lips maybe.
  • Blogger Junior posted at 8:02 AM  
    That is so sweet! Meowm says that she would tell China (she who came before me) "I love you" in the morning and China would "merow" at her.

    I have posted a note on Skeezix help center to see if anyone knows why blooger will not let you post a comment at my blog. It does this to Casper too, so hopefuuly we can get it straightened out!
  • Blogger Daisy posted at 8:13 AM  
    That sounds like a very, very wonderful way to start the day off right!
  • Blogger Snickers posted at 9:20 AM  
    That is so sweet! Momma and me start the day with me kissing her ears and she hugs me and scratches me all over until she runs out of snoozes on the noise box. ~Queen Snickers
  • Blogger Beezer posted at 9:28 AM  
    I like to start my day in mine mombean's lap. She says that I'm a good boy, and her lover boyand a happy boy. I just purr and give her the love eyes.

    ::waves to sweet Precious::
    If ya get cold I can come over for a snuggle and warm you right up!

  • Anonymous Sue posted at 11:10 AM  
    Seems to me it's a purrfect start to the day - maybe you could teleport over and start my day off like that too?
  • Blogger Riley & Tiki posted at 12:24 PM  
  • Blogger Cheysuli and gemini posted at 1:11 PM  
    Georgia talks to Momma like that when Momma talks to her. They start their day early too.
  • Blogger Skeeter And LC posted at 6:58 PM  
    Yeah, talking to the Bein is a good way to start each day. I usually start before he is efen awake!
  • Blogger muffinmidi posted at 7:51 PM  
    Having your human say "Ilove you"
    is he best way to start the day.
  • Blogger DEBRA posted at 7:00 AM  

    That is such a great way to begin each day...

  • Blogger Honey P. Sunshine posted at 7:25 AM  
    Merow mittens
  • Blogger The Meowers from Missouri posted at 7:03 PM  
    you is furry lucky--we hasta get outta the way when mom comes bustlin' outta her bedroom . . . late again!! sometimes we can sneak into the bafroom an' help her put her face on. mostly, we gots to wait til she gets her coffee an' can sit down at the table, an' then she lets us read the paper with her. we all gets our skritches, an' when she leaves, she tells us "love one anofur today, or at least don't tear the house up!"
  • Blogger The Crew posted at 12:49 PM  
    Oh Mittens, that's exactly how my Mom and I talk. I am the family Sweetie Pie and she tells me that every day.

    Your friend
  • Blogger William posted at 1:07 PM  
    Mittens, that is so so sweet! My mom and I say goodnight sort of like that, only Mom tells me she loves me to bits. Could be the same thing!
  • Blogger Kelly Cat posted at 7:30 PM  
    There is not a better way in the world to start the morning than for someone close to tell you that you are well-loved. Especially since you lived at a shelter for awhile and didn't have a forever home with someone who loved you to bits and pieces. Merow from me, too.
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